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“We’ve planted roots in the Bay, and it has everything we need, including great healthcare” – Rochelle H., Bay St. Louis

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1 week ago

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Heather Marvil RhodesI won't ever step foot into the ER at Hancock Medical ever again. There was one cordial competent personal--the night nurse. Everyone including the bald arrogant cocky ER dr needs an in service on interpersonal skills. This hospital isn't worth the slab it's sitting on. Do not get me started on HIPAA violations.9 hours ago
Melody RobertsI'm glad y'all did, although I'm not there anymore I still visit. Will be there at the first of June I hope to come see y'all play!5 days ago
Paula HughesI thought you sold your hone, bought an RV and were going on the road?6 days ago   ·  2

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Planning on welcoming a new addition to the family? Don't miss the free "O Baby Expo" from 6-8 p.m. on Tuesday, May 23 at Hancock Medical. It will feature educational sessions, tours of the First Impressions Birthing Center, a meet and greet with physicians and staff, vendor booths, giveaways, refreshments and door prizes. RSVP at or call 228.467.8790. ... See MoreSee Less

3 weeks ago

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Congratulations to the Hancock Medical Mammography Department which received high praise during its annual Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA) Facility Inspection performed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The inspection ensures that the hospital program is accredited by an approved accreditation body and certified by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. Samantha Kelton is the mammographer at Hancock Medical and the Mammography Program is part of the hospital's Imaging Department. With your physician's order, schedule your next mammogram with us. ... See MoreSee Less

4 months ago

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Sally L. JaynesCongratulations!4 months ago
Susan StevensCongratulations indeed!4 months ago
Mandi Sue WoodardYay👏 You rock Samantha kelton !!4 months ago
Russene Fruges MurphyGreat job Samantha Kelton!4 months ago   ·  1

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Dianne and Rodney Ackerman of Diamondhead start just about every week day with an early morning workout at Hancock Medical Physical Therapy in Diamondhead.The newly refurbished therapy clinic has a spacious gym, a swimming pool perfect for water aerobics and a talented staff of physical and occupational therapists.

For the Ackermans, the gym and the staff are treasures, and with Dianne’s help, the word is getting out about how social and helpful time at the clinic can be.

“We have Saints Fridays, and special days throughout the year to make it a fun and social experience for people as they work out or recover from injuries,” said Dianne.

Late last year, Dianne requested the Hancock Medical Foundation look into purchasing an additional elliptical machine for the facility. Hancock Medical saw the need and the machine was purchased by the Foundation last December.

Diamondhead residents since 1999, Dianne and Rodney are both cancer survivors. Dianne first discovered the clinic in 2012 when discs in her back were causing health issues. She was referred by her orthopedic physician to the Hancock Medical Physical Therapy Clinic in her hometown of Diamondhead. She praises Physical Therapist Lisa Gust for restoring her back to good health and she says the regular exercise at the PT gym has kept her in good shape, which she says helped her when she encountered uterine cancer in January 2014. With her cancer in remission, she began working out regularly at the gym again in 2015 and has been ever since.

“The advantage here is having the staff on hand who will let you know if you’re doing an exercise improperly,” Dianne said. “Lisa has eyes in the back of her head and will help me with proper positioning if she sees me slouching.”

Rodney had a bout with bladder cancer and also speaks highly of the work by Gust and staff.

“She is great at what she does and has helped us in many ways,” he said.

The Ackermans love their exercise routine and have taken the clinic to heart.
“I’ve been to a few different clinics and this one is the very best,” said Dianne, a member of the very first Diamondhead City Council. “The facility is a wonderful component of our Diamondhead community.”
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6 months ago

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Renie Ford DackHey you guys . . Great article and I agree that Lisa is a wonder. Hope to see you soon, I have a picture!5 months ago
Linda DePartoWonderful resource .5 months ago

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I recently spent 3 days in Hancock Medical Center with a serious urinary infection and dehydration. From the moment Dr. Rowe Crowder diagnosed my illness at his office, I had a seamless and excellent experience of being admitted and treated for the issue. I left Dr. Crowder’s office and went directly to the hospital. Thirty minutes later I had been admitted to Hancock Medical and was in my assigned room. Within another 30 minutes I was receiving an IV of fluids and antibiotics. I don’t know of any other medical service that can be delivered so quickly and without issue, unless it is an emergency room visit from a traumatic experience.

The excellent and convenient service continued for the entire time I was in HMC. The nurses were very attentive to my needs; from the application of the medications to even the need for a fan to relieve the discomfort from fever. The room was furnished so that my wife was able to stay overnight and closely monitor my recovery. I was very surprised at how delicious the food was, it was not typical hospital food.

Needless to say, I would have normally been in the hospital for 5 or more days, had I been anywhere else. But Hancock Medical Center, applied excellent medical services in very nice accommodations, with the direction of very attentive medical professionals. The result of which was a faster recovery which allowed me to check out within 72 hours and continue to convalesce in the comfort of my own home.

I have been in Hancock Medical Center previously for other reasons and I personally believe the services I received on this visit were much better. I credit most of the difference to the excellent management of the Ochsner Health System. Not only do we, the citizens of the community receive excellent health care at HMC, but the doctors in the community like Dr. Crowder, can rest assured they have excellent hospital services available to refer their patients to because of the application of Ochsner’s attention to excellence in healthcare.

Thank you Hancock Medical Center and Ochsner for the superb service you provide to Hancock County residents for our health needs. May we all benefit from our mutual interests for years to come.

George Williams
Bay St. Louis, MS
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7 months ago

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Testimonials – My Story

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Billy Powell, Kiln

For more information, please call 228.220.1130 Billy Powell, Kiln, MS Bay St. Louis Chiropractor Billy Powell and wife Trinity recommend…

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What patients say about Hancock Medical

  • Bay St. Louis Chiropractor Billy Powell and wife Trinity recommend the First Impressions Birthing Center at Hancock Medical Center to all their friends with growing families. “Trinity would like to have another child, and if we do, it will be at Hancock Medical with Dr. Noel,” said Billy. “All three of our children were born there, and each was a unique experience.” Dr. Noel Duplantier and Dr. Dimitri Yanez of the Hancock Women’s Center deliver on average over 200 babies each year at Hancock Medical. The Powell family makes their home in rural Kiln, Mississippi and are glad to have medical services within reach. “When your wife is expecting and it’s go time, it is nice to know the services you need are right here, close to home,” said Billy. “If we are blessed with another child, we will welcome the new addition with open arms at Hancock Medical.”

  • Late night rock n’ roll gigs can be tough on a person’s health. Rochelle Harper of Bay St. Louis knows firsthand and appreciates how easy it was for her and husband Gary Boswell to establish relationships with primary care providers at Hancock Medical Center. Hancock’s family medicine practice in Bay St. Louis has been a convenient option for their family. “We’ve planted roots in the Bay, and it has everything we need, including great healthcare,” said Harper. “I see primary care physician Dr. Becky Hollibaugh at Hancock Medical, and the hospital’s Physical Therapy Department has helped me with back issues.” Rochelle’s mother visits from Oregon often, so they have peace of mind that services are available in their community for the entire family. “Mammograms, x-rays and general health and wellness visits are convenient for us at Hancock Medical,” Rochelle said. “We are able to view records online and communicate with our doctor if we have a question that doesn’t require a visit.” For musicians on a busy performing schedule, healthcare with peace of mind at home in Hancock County hits all the right notes.

  • George Williams recently spent three days at Hancock Medical Center with a serious urinary infection and dehydration. He said the stay could not have gone better. “From the moment I was diagnosed, I had a seamless and excellent experience at Hancock Medical,” George said. George said that he was impressed with the quick and compassionate care he received upon admission to the hospital. “The excellent and convenient service continued for the entire time I was in Hancock Medical,” he said. “The nurses were very attentive to my needs – from the application of the medications to even the need for a fan to relieve discomfort from fever. The room was furnished so that my wife was able to stay overnight and closely monitor my recovery.” George said that he was even surprised at how delicious the food was, rounding out his overall experience. Married to Tish Williams, the Executive Director of the Hancock County Chamber of Commerce, George knows the importance of shopping local and the effect it can have on economic development. He said he sees the benefits his hometown hospital derives from its relationship with Ochsner Health System. “We receive excellent healthcare right here at home,” he said. “Thank you Hancock Medical Center and Ochsner Health System for the superb service provided to our residents.”

  • Lola Mulinix moved to the Mississippi Gulf Coast from Charleston, West Virginia 25 years ago, and she is a founding member of the Diamondhead Lion’s Club. Through her affiliation with Lions International, she lives the organization’s “We Serve” motto every day in her adopted Mississippi hometown. While staying active helping others, Lola depends on local healthcare at Hancock Medical Center. “I’ve never hesitated to use our local facilities. I find the personal touch that I receive at Hancock Medical to be an asset to our community.” The treatment she receives from doctors and staff, Lola said, is second to none. “Everyone is nice and helpful and very conscientious about the services they provide. Even the administrator taking time to visit with folks means a lot.” Lola says there’s a real personal touch that she feels whenever she needs services, and she says Hancock Medical has always been there for her. “I love my local care, and it is comforting to know there is a network of specialists at Ochsner if needed,” says Lola. “The personal touch I receive at Hancock Medical is why I come back whenever I need healthcare services.”

  • Roy Herron of Bay St. Louis is happy to wake up each morning to feed his chickens and pigs. He says he enjoys his chores and activities of daily living, even more so today after suffering a stroke in 2015. The former Avondale Shipyard employee and retired Hancock County Sheriff’s deputy woke up one summer day and felt a numbness in his arm. “I could barely hold my cup of coffee,” he said. “I knew right away that I needed to go to the hospital.” When a patient arrives at the emergency department at Hancock Medical with the symptoms of a stroke, an advanced computerized webcam is brought to the bedside, where the clinical team connects with a vascular neurologist on call at Ochsner Medical Center in New Orleans. The system was acquired through a partnership between Hancock Medical and Ochsner. On the day Herron came to the Hancock Medical Center Emergency Department, he was immediately examined, and stroke symptoms were prevalent. Through the telestroke system, the neurologist from Ochsner, Herron and the clinical team at Hancock Medical saw and spoke to each other throughout the consult. The neurologist was able to provide guidance on advanced treatment within minutes. Herron’s stroke symptoms were confirmed, and he was administered the medicine he needed. He said the technology saved his life. “I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the efficiency of the Hancock Medical Emergency Department and their ability to coordinate everything back with Ochsner,” Herron said. “It gives you peace of mind to know that we have people here to handle emergencies like the one that happened to me.”

  • Throughout the surgery the nursing staff kept us updated whenever possible. The procedure took a couple of hours. Shortly thereafter Dr. Anthony addressed the family members present and was ready with answers to our primary questions. There is little doubt that the operation saved Mother’s life. For the wonderful service, professionalism and understanding by the HMC staff on that day and during the weeks of recovery, our family will be forever grateful.