Dianne and Rodney Ackerman of Diamondhead start just about every week day with an early morning workout at Hancock Medical Physical Therapy in Diamondhead.The newly refurbished therapy clinic has a spacious gym, a swimming pool perfect for water aerobics and a talented staff of physical and occupational therapists.

For the Ackermans, the gym and the staff are treasures, and with Dianne’s help, the word is getting out about how social and helpful time at the clinic can be.

“We have Saints Fridays, and special days throughout the year to make it a fun and social experience for people as they work out or recover from injuries,” said Dianne.

Late last year, Dianne requested the Hancock Medical Foundation look into purchasing an additional elliptical machine for the facility. Hancock Medical saw the need and the machine was purchased by the Foundation last December.

Diamondhead residents since 1999, Dianne and Rodney are both cancer survivors. Dianne first discovered the clinic in 2012 when discs in her back were causing health issues. She was referred by her orthopedic physician to the Hancock Medical Physical Therapy Clinic in her hometown of Diamondhead. She praises Physical Therapist Lisa Gust for restoring her back to good health and she says the regular exercise at the PT gym has kept her in good shape, which she says helped her when she encountered uterine cancer in January 2014. With her cancer in remission, she began working out regularly at the gym again in 2015 and has been ever since.

“The advantage here is having the staff on hand who will let you know if you’re doing an exercise improperly,” Dianne said. “Lisa has eyes in the back of her head and will help me with proper positioning if she sees me slouching.”

Rodney had a bout with bladder cancer and also speaks highly of the work by Gust and staff.

“She is great at what she does and has helped us in many ways,” he said.

The Ackermans love their exercise routine and have taken the clinic to heart.
“I’ve been to a few different clinics and this one is the very best,” said Dianne, a member of the very first Diamondhead City Council. “The facility is a wonderful component of our Diamondhead community.”
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2 weeks ago

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I recently spent 3 days in Hancock Medical Center with a serious urinary infection and dehydration. From the moment Dr. Rowe Crowder diagnosed my illness at his office, I had a seamless and excellent experience of being admitted and treated for the issue. I left Dr. Crowder’s office and went directly to the hospital. Thirty minutes later I had been admitted to Hancock Medical and was in my assigned room. Within another 30 minutes I was receiving an IV of fluids and antibiotics. I don’t know of any other medical service that can be delivered so quickly and without issue, unless it is an emergency room visit from a traumatic experience.

The excellent and convenient service continued for the entire time I was in HMC. The nurses were very attentive to my needs; from the application of the medications to even the need for a fan to relieve the discomfort from fever. The room was furnished so that my wife was able to stay overnight and closely monitor my recovery. I was very surprised at how delicious the food was, it was not typical hospital food.

Needless to say, I would have normally been in the hospital for 5 or more days, had I been anywhere else. But Hancock Medical Center, applied excellent medical services in very nice accommodations, with the direction of very attentive medical professionals. The result of which was a faster recovery which allowed me to check out within 72 hours and continue to convalesce in the comfort of my own home.

I have been in Hancock Medical Center previously for other reasons and I personally believe the services I received on this visit were much better. I credit most of the difference to the excellent management of the Ochsner Health System. Not only do we, the citizens of the community receive excellent health care at HMC, but the doctors in the community like Dr. Crowder, can rest assured they have excellent hospital services available to refer their patients to because of the application of Ochsner’s attention to excellence in healthcare.

Thank you Hancock Medical Center and Ochsner for the superb service you provide to Hancock County residents for our health needs. May we all benefit from our mutual interests for years to come.

George Williams
Bay St. Louis, MS
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4 weeks ago

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Not long ago, my mother Suzanne Truett was suffering serious physical discomfort and we drove three miles to the Hancock Medical Emergency Department. After a thorough evaluation, it became clear that immediate surgery was needed. Dr. Brian Anthony explained the procedure and concerns, as well as the possible outcomes. His confident bedside manner and easily grasped information was instrumental in reducing a very stressful situation for the family. Throughout the surgery, the nursing staff kept us updated. The procedure took two hours after which Dr. Anthony answered all of our questions. There is little doubt that the operation saved Mother's life. For the wonderful service, professionalism and understanding by the HMC staff on that day and during the weeks of recovery, our family will be forever grateful. ~Katharine Ohman, Bay St. Louis ... See MoreSee Less

2 months ago

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Brenda HoffmanI love Ms. Suzanne! Even after she retired from the hospital I would call her to answer questions no one else could answer. She was the "go to" person. What a wonderful woman. And yes, she had an outstanding physician. Dr. Anthony is the best.2 months ago   ·  7
Sydney Hallman SaucierSo glad Ms. Suzanne is doing well!! Tell her she has our prayers for a speedy recovery! She is definitely in the best hands!!2 months ago   ·  1
Karen Leger KarabinLove Hancock medical and Bryan Anthony. 16 years ago he saved my husband life. Love that man.2 months ago   ·  7
Jerry FisherWe are so lucky to have Dr. Anthony and the Hancock Medical staff are just amazing!!!2 months ago   ·  2
Nikki MoonSo proud of our hospital, and so happy your mom is on the mend.2 months ago   ·  1
Laura WhiteDr. Anthony is a true professional.2 months ago   ·  3
Lauren E. TurcotteDr. Anthony is awesome!!! In March of 2009, he saved my Dad's life at Hancock Medical after he had a horrific 4-wheeler accident. Our family thinks the world of Dr. Anthony!!!2 months ago   ·  1
Leona LeeI am glad to hear she's doing well. Tell her hello for me!2 months ago   ·  1
Carleen TurcotteDr Anthony is a kind gentle soul.2 months ago   ·  1
Susan GeninGlad your Mother is doing well. Keeping her in my prayers. 🙏2 months ago   ·  1
Cathy GordonThat's a good print out for your hospital2 months ago   ·  1
Kathleen Quintini KluttzI haven't seen Suzanne in years!2 months ago   ·  1
Neill McInnisMy 2nd Mother.2 months ago   ·  1
Susan Stevensglad to hear Suzanne is on the mending side!2 months ago   ·  1
Tania Richard CappsGlad to hear that your mother is doing well. Dr. Anthony operated on my husband after an emergency admission and was excellent..2 months ago   ·  1
Jill LaroussiniSo nice to hear a positive report about a medical crisis/ need. Thx for sharing. Prayers for mom.2 months ago

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Thank you to Richard Empson and his family for choosing our hospital in his time of need. Our doctors, nurses and staff remain committed to the Coast and are proud to provide high quality healthcare to our community. We are honored to share his story of recovery. ... See MoreSee Less

Saving Grace - Survivor Credits Family, Prayers, and Hancock Medical

2 months ago

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Brenda HoffmanGreat job as always Debi Burch !2 months ago   ·  1

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