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Katharine Ohman, Bay St. Louis

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Mother Suzanne Truett, Daughter Katharine Ohman, Bay St. Louis, MS

Suzanne Truett, in her mid-seventies, phoned her daughter Katharine early one morning reporting serious physical discomfort. Fortunately, she lives next door, so Katharine was able to assess the situation quickly and drive her approximately three miles to the emergency room at Hancock Medical Center. There, the personnel recognized the seriousness of the situation and moved her into a private room while the evaluation continued along with medical tests.

“With each test result, it became clearer that her condition was indeed grave and that major, immediate surgery was needed,” said Katharine. “The intervals of the testing allowed me time to update various family members.”

Katharine said local family members were able to visit her mother due to the cooperation of all involved Hancock Medical staff. As her mother was prepared for surgery, Dr. Brian Anthony explained the procedure and concerns as well as the possible outcomes.

“His confident bedside manner and presentation of information was instrumental in reducing a very stressful situation for our family,” Katharine said.

“Throughout the surgery, the nursing staff kept the family updated,” said Katharine. Upon completion, Dr. Anthony addressed the family members present and was ready with answers to their questions.

“There is little doubt that the operation saved Mother’s life,” Katharine said.  “For the wonderful service, professionalism and understanding by the Hancock Medical staff on that day and during the weeks of recovery, our family will be forever grateful.”


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