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Women’s Services

The birth of a baby is one of the most important events in a parent’s life, and we strive to make that day special. The nursing staff of our First Impressions labor and delivery unit works with your obstetrician, pediatrician and anesthesiologist to offer personalized care for you and your new baby.

From our sophisticated maternal/child monitoring system to our tastefully decorated labor/delivery/recovery suites, your comfort and safety are our goals. First Impressions is a secure unit and visitors must request entry from a nurse. Your baby may stay with you with around-the-clock support from our nursing staff if you choose, or may remain in the nursery and be brought to you at any time.

Private rooms in this unit are available for both obstetric and gynecology patients.

Noel Duplantier, M.D. and Dimitri Yanez, M.D. deliver over 200 newborns each year at Hancock Medical Center.

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